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18:24 08-09-2015
jo and gem
happy to tracy hope u have had a fab day love you loads xxx

jo and gem
20:10 17-08-2015
lee vincent
id like to extend congratulations on marriage of jp and tracy health happiness always
17:27 04-08-2015
Rose Vardy
Dear Big Tone,
We just want to say that you have great shows & we all enjoy very much,
The Vardy's family
22:02 18-06-2015
I just wana say been tuned to venture and did a fair gd shows aswell in the last few yrs and still amazes me how the tunes still keep rolling out . Keep up the gd work guys we loving jonno and bernieu
19:23 09-06-2015
Brenda Newson
Evening Dazzle I have listing to you 6pm
17:38 06-06-2015
Brenda Newson
I listen to station . please could I have request to day Can play for me the song.
Is .I've Believe by Bill Fury Thank you
17:15 06-06-2015
Brenda Newson
I am listening to your show thank you
21:48 04-06-2015
Brenda Newson
Good evening Darren I am enjoy you show Thank you
18:24 10-05-2015
celtic warrior
great station glad i found this keep up the good work
19:04 09-05-2015
Brenda Newson
Hi Mel been listening since 6pm lovely show x
18:57 09-05-2015
Brenda Newson
Hi Mal I have been listening since 6 pm lovely show x
19:12 09-04-2015
i love to listen to venture radio while i'm studying and relaxing
12:02 20-03-2015
The Vardy's family
Dearest Angel & Lovely John Peters, congratulations & Happy Birthday We wish you health, happiness & all the best. from deep of our hearts & huge Hugsssss
The Vardy's Family
13:06 05-03-2015
happy 8th birthday venture radio i'm proud to be apart of the team here
heres to many more to come

love alway
Station Manager
18:56 01-02-2015
Rose & The Family
Lovely Shaz, We are enjoing very much from your great shows
Messages: 1 until 15 of 1085.
Number of pages: 73
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